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About Me


I am  Siherta Shekhem  I am a Sacred Woman, Holistic Self-Care Practitioner who has served individuals on the path to health and wellness. I have 25 + years of experience in the healthcare industry with most of these years working as a Registered Nurse. My Passion for nursing provided me a very rewarding basic understanding how medicine works.  However, the westernized healing modalities did not seem to provide the true healing that most people were seeking. Within that system individuals most often receive temporary fixes, toxic medications, and treatment plans that would have them permanently connected to repeated visits to reapply the temporary solutions that rarely provided true healing options.  I began to see that the only way that true healing could take place was to get to the Heart or Mind of the matter.  I took it upon myself to use what I was learning through Holistic Health modalities and Spiritual Practicality and saw some huge changes in my life. I invite you to also take this journey with me to shifting your life and finding the True Health and Wellness that you are looking for. 

Good Vibes Only were the words that were placed on my heart that started my holistic healing process and that is what I wish to share with you as you start to expand your healing journey.  Understanding that by choosing to only engage in thing that bring good vibes, to always show up for yourself, to speak your truth and learn to trust your inner voice, you will find that you are the Master of your overall health and wellness.  You will start to feel and see a healthier You.  Good Vibes Lounge is the place to remember who you are and expand on the way you show up to live your Best Life NOW.... It is your time to SHINE.

Education and Training

Holistic Self-Care Life Coach
Transcendent Life Coaching Institute

Focused training in moving beyond limitations. Understanding Personas and Mastering Self.  Using the   W.O,W Walking on Water Coaching Model by Dr. Fiyah Oates. Rewriting the negative narratives and regaling to the place of home. 

Ra Sekhi Practitioner Level 2

Ra Sekhi Arts Temple

Level 2  Kemetic Reki Practioner. Utilizing tsound, crystals he elements of air, fire, water and earth to create a container of healing, cleansing and alinging the inner Chi and Chakras. 

Scared Woman Practitioner
The Queen Afua Wellness Insitute

My studies included the sacred woman rites of passage along with the application of Spiritual Divination, Consultations, and Cleansing of Energy within the Sacred Woman Practitioner program. I also completed the Healing by the light of the Moon Certification which taught me how to work with elemental energy the moon cycles, Numerology and Astrology.

Registered Nurse -BSN
North Georgia College & State 

My studies included completing the Bachelor of Science of Nursing Degree with a minor in Gerontology and understudy of Psychology of death and dying. I was drawn to the life cycle and the transition of life from Death to Rebirth. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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