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Welcome to Good Vibes Lounge

A Little About Me.... Greetings to my Good Vibe Tribe. Please Check out my interview int the rollingout Magizine in clebration of Womens History Month. March 2023.

I am so thankful that you have taken the time to check out all that is available to you on your personal Self-Care and growth journey. There is so many different ways to begin your journey and I like you started by just wanting to be well, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Taking time to see how these are all inner-connected helped me to see that this Well-Being started with me being ok with Myself in all of these areas. Spending time asking myself some hard questions and being real about my responses helped me to begin to get to the heart of the matter. I definitely was not well, but was able to identify that most physical diseases often start with some type of Dis- Ease, Emotionally, Mentally, or Spiritually. Learning to recognize these dis-eases and addressing them in Holistic Self-Care Ways is how I became My True Authentic Sacred Self. This is where My Life Shift began to happen. I am here to assist you in finding your way as well. Welcome to Good Vibes Lounge..... Where Life Shifts Happen. No better time to Live your BEST LIFE NOW.....Learning that The Healer Within is YOU.

My Sacred Woman Journey

I am a Sacred Woman... My journey with Queen Afua started in the Fall of 2021 with the Rites of Passage Program, followed shortly after by the Sacred Woman Practitioner Program. I was fully challenged and Charged to take full control of my life as a healer free to live the life I had wished to live Healthy and Well. I was able to address the areas of Dis-Ease in my life and also identify a lot of the causes. I was empowered to begin to make the necessary change to begin to take back full control of my Life. This new found love for life has inspired me to share this life changing work of wellness with others . I have been a witness to how this life of "self-care first" works as I have held space with many women in Sister Circles who have also been empowered and healed. No longer did they want to live a life of Dis-Ease and by being open to the necessary work required they experienced positive changes in their life and in their health.

Taking the time to utilize the services, workshops, and resources offered here at the Good Vibes Lounge will truly change your Life. Trust Me but most of all Trust YOURSELF. It is time for the healer within to awaken.

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